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Our Legend

A life full of passion

Birth: Monday, March the 21st of 1938

Childhood:  His father was actively involved in the field of agriculture and that was the first inception of love towards the nature in him.  He grew up learning at school and gaining experience working with his father.  

First Venture: In 1967 the first quarry was operational which a “Green Onyx” was

Accomplishments: Only after two years in the business he exported his first cargo of green Onyx to Italy. His motivation was purely based on his true love to nature and his profession and that kept him exploring tirelessly. During his life he acquired and extracted more than 40 quarries with a wide range of natural stones and on this journey he always embraced the new technology and exploration and extraction modern methods.

He owned the best quarries and to make sure that the creations are as perfect as the inputs he embarked upon production activity opening his first factory in 1977.

As a forerunner in the industry he took every opportunity to help the Iranian stone industry by sharing his knowledge and leading some of the related entities.

Among his many responsibilities were:  the chairman of “Iranian Stone Association”, the head of “Iranian Miners Association” and “Isfahan Stone Association”.  In 2005 he was acknowledged and appreciated by Iranian ministry of industry and mines as one of the most influential figures in the Iranian stone industry.  

Final Journey: He died on Tuesday August the 18th, 2009