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Owing the best, exploring the rest

As we started, we believed that for our creative passion the sky was the limit and then soon we found “shouldn’t be the earth either!”
An exploratory Journey began to the heart of the nature with a sharp eye seeking distinction and diversity in every corner. The rest is the history.
As a result, today we own the most versatile and massive quarries all over Iran some with overwhelming daily extracting capacity of 1000 tonnes. Supported with our resources, we are fully dedicated to surpass our clients’ expectations by enriching their lives with beauty and harmony. 
And after all these years our aspiration to own the bests has never been quenched. Like many years ago still every day is the beginning of an exploratory journey




We know for the fact that a happy client should be involved in the very first steps of the process. That’s why our stockyards are located strategically all across the country in near vicinity to our quarries. We show case a collection of our best stones in each of the stockyards easily accessible for clients to visit and choose from.  These facilities are also part of our sophisticated distribution network which helps us to accomplish our aim to serve our clients as fast as possible.